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DJ Amely is the most TOTALLY SEXY DJane in the world!

She started her professional career in January 2008 and made it once half around the globe to showcase her sexy moves, great dancing skills and of course the ability to read the crowd and to entertain them with perfect mixing and a great track selection.

Recently being voted as the world's #8 in the list of SUPER MODEL DJ's and gracing in the FHM Men Magazine are just a few archivements in her young but very succesful career which has led her to gigs in Ukraine, Dubai, Russia, Switzerland, Philippines, India, Turkey, Poland, Albania, Georgia, Moldavia, France and last but not least over 200 shows alone in the Ukraine already..

She is called a bright and shining female representative of the Ukrainian DJ-culture and definitely one of the best in her country.

Her sets are including the lastest club hits and elements of scratching and turntablism which has always been a very much appreciated showcase, never failing to amaze the crowds with BEAUTY & SKILLS.


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